Geno's Road Star Saddlebag Lowering Brackets

Welcome to my site, you will see pics and get info on my Road Star saddlebag lowering kit, made in the USA. ...These new T-6511 aluminum offset brackets will lower your soft or hard stock Yamaha Road Star Saddlebags by up to 3" the easy install requires "no drilling", "no cutting" and"no welding" only takes about 1 hour on average to install both sides. Get a true custom lowered look at a fair price with an easy install. Scroll down to see the "Order Info" and also My Links.

Road Star - with stock bags at stock height

<br>Road Star  -   with stock bags at stock height <br><br>

Too much of a gap between bags and pipes, ...does not look right, check out the fix in the pic below.

Road Star - with lowered bags using my brackets

<br>Road Star  -  with  lowered bags using my brackets <br><br>

YES!!! ...this is more like it should be, ...3 inches lower than stock height.

Order Info

I accept Paypal, money orders and checks, ...shipment will be made when check or money order clears. ...When ordering, please include your address and let me know which pipes you run so that we know which bracket set to choose and send. ...Most applications will take the "Regular Set" but bikes with pipes like the V&H Longs or Powershots and a few others will take "HK Set" ...if you are not sure than send me an email and description or pic, of the pipes if possible and I will help with the selection, ...thank you. ...The price is the same for either the Regular or HK set. ...If sending check or money order (USA only), please email me for my address. ...I do not accept checks or MO's from Canada as there are too many problems with the banks and trying to cash it.

Don't have a Paypal account? can still order using only your credit card, ... just click the link --> or logo below. ...My email and Paypal addy is:

Price for ... "USA" .... $77. ..Paypal, Money Order or Check, - (shipping via Priority Mail is included) ...Please let me know, either via email or the "special instructions" Field in Paypal as to what pipes you run.

Price for ... "Canada" ... $87 USD ... "Paypal only and in USD" ... (shipping via First Class Mail is included) ... sorry but Checks or Money Orders not accepted from Canada as there are just too many issues with the banks, fees to cash them and up to a 90 day wait/hold period to clear. There was a price increase at USPS and Global Priority Mail now starts from $19.95 USD I will use "First Class mail" which also went up but is less at $13.95 a package (is what I paid for the last one) and takes about the same amount of time for delivery.

Please let me know, either via email or the "special instructions" area in Paypal as to what pipes you run? ...Use my Email or Paypal to: ...and if the Paypal logo link below does not work than just use my email here: and Paypal me the funds, ...thanks.

Acceptance Mark

Brackets With Lowered Bag Frame, ...Ready For Bags

<br>Brackets With Lowered Bag Frame, ...Ready For Bags  <br><br>

A pic is worth a thousand words, ...lowered bag frame above is ready for the normal bag install, ...passenger footboard goes on top of the "lower" bracket using the same 2 pre-existing top holes, ...while the tip of the bag frame screws into the lower holes of my bracket, ...simple and easy.

Bagger Style

<br>Bagger  Style   <br><br>

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